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Rick Escalambre earned his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Arts from San Francisco State University. He taught full-time at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA for 31 years. As of June, 2015 he retired from full-time teaching and continues to teach part-time and do contract training. In addition to teaching Engine Performance related subjects, he coordinated one of the largest and finest automotive programs in the State of California.

Rick previously taught high school automotive courses, managed a Chevron Service Station, owned and operated a general automotive repair business in Concord, CA. For nine years he was the Chairperson for the former Bureau of Automotive Repair Smog Check Education Advisory Committee. He is a past president and newsletter editor for the California Automotive Teachers (CAT) Association.  He is a member of the VISIONKC Educator Think Tank Committee.

Skyline College’s facility, equipment, dynamometers and vehicles allowed him to conduct extensive in-depth research of OBD II System Operation & Diagnosis, and Evaporative Emission Systems. Rick is a respected author and editor of books in the field of Engine Performance, Evaporative Emission Systems, and Computer Controls.

Rick’s goal is to provide information that will help teachers and technicians perform their respective jobs more effectively.

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